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Antique Ordinatus Populus  -  [NA] Mature 40+, social, cross-faction

The Elder Scrolls Online - PC

PvP, PvE

Class Requirements (Level 1+)
class Templar
class Dragonknight
class Sorcerer
class Nightblade
Faction Requirements
class Aldmeri Dominion
class Daggerfall Covenant
class Ebonheart Pact
Race Requirements
class Altmer
class Argonian
class Breton
class Bosmer
class Dunmer
class Khajiit
class Nord
class Orc
class Redguard
class Imperial
Recruitment information
Antique Ordinatus Populus

Who are we?

We're in our 40s, 50s, 60s, and up. We're sick of being told we're intruding on the kids' playground when we were playing video games before most of them were born.

We want our own peers to talk to and play with for a change. We want a slower pace and a laid-back attitude. We want some respect. We want to have fun.

We're on the North American server.

We include all factions, classes, and races.

Questing, crafting, roleplaying, dungeoneering, harvesting - whatever floats your boat.

There once was a venerable adventurer in Tamriel who had trudged all over the land looking for a place to call home.

He entered a tavern for a nice drink, sat down, and put his aching feet up on a vacant chair. When he looked around, all he could see were people running back and forth, jumping over the furniture (and over him) like lunatics, and firing off spells until the air was thick with smoke and sparks. Nobody was talking about anything but how badly they could pwn each other, their upcoming trig final, how much they hated each other's race/beliefs/opinions, what they had for sale, and non-consentual sex. It was too loud, too fast, too nasty, and he crept away.

Some days later, he was welcomed to a community of small, cozy huts surrounding a central bonfire. He dug into a nice meal and listened to the conversation. It was all about babies, shopping, somebody called Justin Bieber, how badly they could pwn each other, who had the best armor and weapons, and what they wanted to buy or sell. The warriors never even sat down, but ran from one battle to the next. He couldn't relate to them, and fell asleep before he finished his roast leg of skeever.

One day he chanced upon a group of elves, men, orcs, Argonians and Khajiit arguing amongst themselves and hurling insults. They didn't even spare him a glance, they were so absorbed. He listened long enough to realize that for all the violence with which they tried to tear apart each other's arguments, they were really all saying the same thing: that they hated it here, and they weren't too keen on each other, either. He rode on.

Finally, he reached a lovely village with breathtaking vistas everywhere he turned. People were milling around, talking and laughing. Some were gearing up to go into harm's way together, while others had just returned, rubbing Ben-gay and Tiger Balm on their arthritic knees and recounting the day's adventures. Some were trading thier handmade goods. Some were nodding off in their rocking chairs by the fire. Some of them had long beards. All of them had wrinkles. He was astonished. The one thing they all had in common was ... they were his age. They understood him and he understood them. They'd been around the block and had the scars and brittle bones to show for it. They were content.

"Welcome," somebody said. He sat down and put his feet up. He exchanged pictures of the grandchildren with the old spellsword next to him, sipped his ale, and sighed. He'd found his home.

Antique Ordinatus Populus just may be your home. Come visit us at and find out. NA server.

Time Schedules
Casual Social PvE Crafting voice Mumble
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Minimum age is 40. This is our only hard and fast rule except for Wheaton's Law, a.k.a. "Don't be a dick".